Proposal for 3rd year ceramics work.

Main goals. 

> To make ‘utilitarian’ objects - eg. cups, bowls, plates - and to explore where this fits (if it fits) into contemporary art practice. 

> To explore other artists working within this field, particularly with ceramics. 

> To use particular objects as a way to locate a place within ‘Art and Design’ that is a blend of the two, or rather to break down those categories by making work that is neither, eg. Japanese tea bowls.

We all create ourselves, our homes, our work spaces, our public spaces. The artist is no longer necessarily a painter of canvases or sculpture maker or printmaker for a gallery space, but rather any of those and more, displaying work everywhere. This is a long known and acknowledged idea, of work outside the gallery. But lesser acknowledged is the presence of what would be called art in spaces like our kitchens or homes, and as objects that we come into contact with and use constantly. 

I aim to make work that does not necessarily belong in a gallery (which is another stream of thought that could be explored: what constitutes work that belongs in a gallery or not?) but work that belongs or can be used in my home - a part of my life that I create and experience daily. What is art if it is not something that you come into contact with (visually or physically) and experience in some way? 

Of particular interest to me at this point is the Japanese Tea Bowl. Where does this useable and beautiful object fit into a criteria that demands a separation of ART and DESIGN, when it is both? I aim to find more examples of this and make work that is of a similar nature. 


  • mostly gallery oriented
  • often conceptual
  • not usually considered ‘functional’ outside of being an artwork
  • based on beauty - whether in question of it or by being ‘beautiful’
  • for contemplation


  • form follows function 
  • utilitarian 
  • purpose based - for use.